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The Project “Universities Portugal – Connecting Knowledge”, supported by COMPETE2020, Portugal2020 and FEDER, is composed by the following entities:

  • University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD)
  • University of Aveiro (UA)
  • University of Beira Interior (UBI)
  • University of Coimbra (UC)
  • University of Évora (UE)
  • University of Minho (UM)
  • University of Porto (UP)
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP)

This project aims to implement a common strategy for international promotion of Portuguese Universities, in order to strengthen the visibility of the institutions, educational offer and other services, increase student recruitment and contribute to increase exports of services in education (among others).

In this project UTAD is the lead entity of the partnership, and it is in this context that is operationalized the digital platform, being also UTAD the entity responsible for developing and operating this website, as well as processing the data collected.

Thus, the Universities Portugal (represented by UTAD as responsible and owner of the website) assumes the commitments towards the users of the website.

The position of Universities Portugal in relation to the processing of users’ personal data (in this case as data controller) is to provide and optimize the content and information made available. The user is not obliged to provide the personal information requested, but if you choose not to do so, you may not get the best experience at your disposal or get answers to the requests you may have made.

The purpose of this website is to promote Portuguese Public Universities, namely those that make up the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP).

Universities Portugal is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information or documentation on this website, nor for the content of the pages to which the links or hyperlinks contained therein refer.


  • What is personal data?

    Personal data is information regarding to a person that makes it possible to trace their user profile in order to provide a better experience when using our website.

  • Who are the owners of the personal data processed by Universities Portugal?

    The data collected on our webpage will be used to meet your courses demand and information needs, and can be shared between the Universities that are part of CRUP, and used in promotional campaigns for Universities Portugal.

  • Personal data processed by Universities Portugal
    The following information will be collected/requested to provide a better use of our webpage:
    • Basic identification data (name and surnames, email, telephone). 
    • Personal data (date of birth, place of birth, age, nationality, native language). 
    • Academic and professional data (education/degrees, student history, work experience).

Reason and scope for collection and processing personal data

When you fill out the forms provided on our webpage, your personal data is collected by Universities Portugal and processed in order to respond to your questions and requests or to provide you with information, such as: 

  • Suggestions of courses / universities based on information shared by the user;
  • Automated communication with information about courses / universities based on information shared by the user;
  • Sharing with CRUP’s University(ies) to answer specific questions posed by the user;

By providing us with your personal data, Universities Portugal, or the Universities that are part of CRUP, may contact you for marketing purposes related to their educational offer, provided that you have consented to the processing of your personal data for such purposes. You may at any time object to this data processing.

Your consent is essential for Universities Portugal to process your personal data for certain purposes. However, if you choose not to give your consent, your visit and use of our webpage will not be affected.

Reason and scope for transmission of personal data and targets

Universities Portugal is the digital site where you can consult the education offer of the Portuguese Public Universities (that are part of CRUP) and in order to better respond to the information needs of users, the data provided by them can be shared with these Universities.

Personal information may also be shared with other institutions, as long as it is foreseen in the Portuguese Legislation in force about data protection (e.g. public and legal authorities).

Period for processing personal data

Our policy is to retain data only for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for it which was collected.

Thus, whenever there is no specific legal requirement that requires data to be kept for a minimum period, the data will be stored and kept only for the period necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or for their subsequent processing, under the terms defined by Portuguese law.

Data Subject Rights

To the holder is guaranteed, at any time, the right to access, rectify, update, limit and delete their personal data, as well as the right to object to the use for other purposes by Universities Portugal and to withdraw his consent, without this compromising the lawfulness of the processing carried out under that consent, as well as the right to data portability.

To this end, the holder of personal data may request directly or by written request, addressed to the respective controller, through the following contacts:


Proteção de Dados  

UTAD – Quinta dos Prados  

5000-801 Vila Real – PORTUGAL  


Without prejudice to being able to submit complaints directly to Universities Portugal through the contact provided for this purpose, the data subject may complain directly to the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD), using the contacts provided by this entity for this purpose.

Safety, technical and organizational measures

We apply technical and organizational security measures to protect your data managed by us against manipulation, loss, destruction and unauthorized or unlawful access by unauthorized people. Our security measures are continuously improved in accordance with technological developments.

Amendment to the personal data protection policy

The Universities Portugal reserves the right, at any time, to make adjustments or changes to this personal data protection policy, always in compliance with the Portuguese Law applicable to this purpose, which should be consulted on this webpage.

Other documents

  • Cookie Policy; 
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