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University of Minho

University of Minho

Founded in 1973, the University of Minho welcomed its first students in the academic year of 1975/76. At present, the University is renowned for its competence and quality of teaching staff, excellence in scientific research, wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses offered and for its high level of interaction with other institutions.
For these reasons, UMinho has a central role in the region and is an important reference for the country and a recognised partner in the European and global scene. Located in the north of Portugal, the University has a campus in Braga and two others in Guimarães, Azurém Campus and Couros Campus.
Originating from the ancient Roman town of Bracara Augusta, Braga is currently the third largest city in Portugal. Guimarães is known as the "cradle of the nation" and is classified as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
The University's organisational structure is flexible and conducive to innovation and interdisciplinary research on emerging topics. The teaching and research courses and the Schools and the Institutes are the basic structure of the University: Schools of Architecture, Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Economics and Management, Engineering, Psychology, Nursing, and the Institutes of Social Sciences, Education and Arts and Human Sciences.
The courses and research projects have a strong international reputation. UMinho is a targeted research university, committed to the value chain of knowledge, in other words: Research, Development and Innovation. It also points to the socio-economic environment, with many successful partnerships in research, cultural and socio- economic development projects.
Internationalisation is a strong commitment and international activities are quite intense, not only within the EU and Portuguese Official Language African Countries (PALOP), but also with several other countries on different continents. The academic year of 2010/2011 was marked by the introduction of a wide range of courses which extended to distance-learning programmes and evening classes. This educational offer had a great social impact and opened the University to a new public, within the framework of demand and quality which has always been the hallmark of this Institution.




«UMinho is a reference in Portugal in Forensic Psychology, so it was the natural choice for my doctorate.»


«I have two courses that UMinho gave me: the first is a degree in International Relations, the second is the school of life, which Minho and Braga provided me.»


«Today I believe that the University of Minho has all the tools to make each program a perfect program»


"What struck me the most at UMinho was an environment that lives among everyone, from teachers to students, who after all these years still feel on campus."


Largo do Paço, 4704-553 Braga, Portugal